Release Notes (September 4, 2015)

Split Test your Marketing Emails with A/B Campaigns

We are introducing the ability to split (commonly known as A/B) test your emails with this release. You will be able to split test two variations of an email (A and B) to see which one performs better. You can test based on the sender name, email subject, message headlines, CTAs – there are infinite possibilities.

A/B campaigns are available under Marketing -> A/B Campaigns.


Send the two variations to a small percentage of subscribers in a list and determine the winner based on open or click rates. Once you have a winner, you can automatically send the winning variation to the remaining subscribers.


Include a “View in Browser” Link in your Marketing Emails

With this release, you will be able to include a “View in Browser” in your marketing emails. This is useful for your recipients who cannot view HTML emails or doesn’t show images by default.

To include the link, select the check-box labeled “Include a link to view the email as a web page” when you create a marketing email.


The link would appear before the email message.


Add Wistia Videos to your Email

With this release, you will be able to insert a thumbnail of a Wistia video into your email and link it to the video – with a few easy steps.

When you design your email, click the Wistia icon.


Paste the video URL from Wistia. Click Fetch to retrieve the thumbnail of the video. Click OK to add the thumbnail to your email.


The thumbnail will be linked to the video. You will be able to drag and resize the thumbnail within the email.

Change the Intervals for a Live Touch Campaign

You asked, we listened. With this release, you will be able to change the intervals between messages for a live touch campaign. You will need to stop the campaign, change the intervals, and continue the campaign.


Follow-up More Efficiently with Appointments and Tasks

Follow-up, complete, or reschedule your appointments and tasks more efficiently. You will be able to select one or more appointments and tasks and either complete or reschedule it.


While rescheduling, you will be able to reschedule to the next day, week, month, by days, or to a specific date.


While sending an email from an appointment or task, you will be able to reschedule the task after you send the email.


Show Fields Labels

When you bring up the details of a record, you will be able to show the labels for the fields. This option is available under the Customize menu and available to all the users in your organization.


Assign Multiple Sources to your Leads during Importing

Before this release, you were required to assign a single marketing source while importing leads. Now, you will be able to assign marketing sources from your CSV or Excel file while importing.


Easily Find Email Templates for Sales Emails

We have simplified the way to find email templates while sending sales emails. Now, you will be able to search for a template. You will also be able to scroll and select a template from the list.


Organized Marketing reports

With this release, we have organized the marketing report page. You will be able to select a date range when the marketing campaign was run and see the results within that range.


Easier Lead Assignment

Save time while assigning a lead by searching for your team members.

While assigning to a single team member:


While assigning to multiple team members: