Release Notes (September 8, 2016)

Sales Automation

Make Phone Calls from CRM

Make phone calls directly from CRM without wasting time dialing numbers. You can dial out by simply clicking on a phone number in accounts or contacts. There’s nothing to install.


You can use your own phone number as the caller ID. For the new members on your sales team, you can define sales call scripts to make the calls effective.


After you end each call, you can enter a note for the call.


Your note and the call details get automatically logged against the account or contact. You can also automatically record the calls as a training tool for your sales team.

Run call reports by time period and individual sales persons to track call duration and total calls made by your team.



This new feature is available to our customers in the United States and Canada at this time and will be available to other regions soon.

Setup Advanced Sales Workflows

You asked, we delivered. Send follow-up emails automatically from your sales workflow and combine tasks, emails, and escalations to create highly sophisticated sales workflows.


Make the tasks and emails in the workflow dependent on the preceding task or email.


If a lead is not converted within a specified time frame,  automatically notify the manager or re-assign it to another member of the sales team.


Create Email Signatures to Save Time

Create email signatures to save time and send consistent personalized emails.


Re-use signatures in sales email templates to create personalized templates that are shared across all members of your sales team.


Better Task and Appointment Management

When you bring up an account, see all the tasks and appointments from everyone working on that account.


While completing a task or appointment, you can now add a personal note.


Create recurring tasks that repeat on a certain day of the week every month. Example, create a task that repeats on the first Wednesday of every month.


Add a Note While Assigning Accounts

While assigning accounts, you can now add a personal note for the sales person.


Marketing Automation

Better Visibility on How Groups are Used

When you bring up a group, get a better visibility on how it is used in marketing campaigns. You can see the number of campaigns where it is used and the status of those campaigns. You can even click the campaign name to bring it up directly from the group.


Improved Lead Scoring

We have added a new criterion for lead scoring. Assign points if an account or contact is entered with a business email address.


Click a score in an account or contact and see the complete history behind how the score was calculated.


Administration and Customization

See an Audit Trail of Your Records

See a complete audit trail and track all changes made to your account, contact, opportunity, and project records.


This new feature is not turned on by default. Please contact if you’d like to turn it on for your account.

Setup Auto Filling Information to Reduce Data Entry

Reduce data entry by auto filling information across related records. Example, while creating a new contact against a parent account, you can auto fill common information from the parent account to the contact.


Improved Filters and Querying

Create filters that dynamically use the logged-in user’s name to fetch records assigned to the user. Example, create a filter “My Accounts” that shows accounts assigned to the person who runs the filter.


With this release, when you create a filter, you can also define the columns that would be shown in the results.