Search for an Account or Contact within a group

Groups are sets of leads or customers who have specific and similar needs. Dividing your leads and customers into groups will help you to cater to their needs in a more organized way. You can have one customer added to more than one group.

Follow the steps below to Search for an Account or Contact within a group

  1. On Home page click on Groups under Settings.
  2. Here you will find the list of all saved groups.
  3. Click on a group to open its detail view. This page contains an overview of all the modules the groupe is being used in, such as: Touch Campaign, Email blast, Split Campaign, Web Forms and Landing page
  4. Click on Accounts tab to see list of all accounts within the group.
  5.  Or Click on Contacts tab to see all contacts within the Group.
  6. On Accounts or Contact tab, top of the page you will find the search option.
  7. Select a criteria from the dropdown list, such as first name or company.
  8. Type in the name in the search box then click on the search button.