Search option and wildcard search for Child Notes

Sometimes its hard to go through all your notes and find out information you are looking for. Now you can search our notes by Note Text, Note Type and Author.

Example: If we want to find all our notes for Activities we have scheduled or completed

  1. Select filter as Note Type from the dropdown list.
  2. Type in the criteria you want to search such as Activity, Emails, Calls then click on search.
  3. Search result for the note type will be displayed below.

 You can also use wildcard search to search your notes

Sometimes you don’t know what exactly you are looking for. That’s when wildcard search may come in handy. Wildcard search can be used as placeholder for any sequence of characters or words. you can use a partial word to search for your notes.

Follow the steps below to use wildcard search.

  1. On Notes page select Text from the dropdown list.
  2. Below are some of the wild card search you can use to search your notes.
  • Starting with : abc* : This will look for any Note starting with word*
  • Ending with : *abc :  This will look for any Note ending with *word
  • Anywhere: *abc*: will look for the *word* anywhere within the note.

Example: Here we want to find out a note which has registration date information. The word register can be anywhere in the note, so we can search with *Register*

This will search all notes which has the word register anywhere in the text.