How to Set Up Recurring Tasks

Create recurring tasks that repeat on a certain day of the week every month. Example, create a task that repeats on the first Wednesday of every month.

Tasks can be added to an Account or Contact’s detail view as shown below.

Or from the Calendar/Task under Sales.

Follow the steps below to Create the recurring task

  1. Click on Add Task.
  2.  Fill in all the details.
  3. Select Due By date according to the day of the week you want to set up the recurring task.  ( in this case we have selected first wednesday of the month)

4. Click repeat checkbox.

  • Start date: Start date will be the same as selected earlier.
  • End Date: Select a end date when you want to end the repeat task.
  • Repeat type: You can repeat the task Daily, weekly, Monthly or Yearly. ( for this example we will select monthly)
  • Repeat Every:  You can select the interval after which the task will be repeated.( in this case Repeat every one month)
  • Repeat By : Here you have two option:
    • Day of the Month: It will repeat on the particular date of the month. ie in this case every 4th day of the month.
    • Day of the Week : It will repeat on the particular day of the week. In this case every first wednesday of the month.
  • Click on Save once you are done.

5. Finally fill in all the other details then click on Save to add the repeat task.