How-To setup currency types in your CRM – Corporate Currency

Your Soffront CRM supports multiple currency types. Using the Corporate Currency setting helps you to easily handle transactions in the global market. You can set up sales transaction in your preferred currency with automated conversion rates.

Your Administrator will be able to set up a particular currency and this will be reflected in your Opportunities , Pipeline and Forecast reports.

For example: If the Corporate currency is setup as Euro all opportunities , pipeline and forecast reports will be displayed as Euro.

Follow the steps below to Setup a Corporate Currency

1. From home page click on All Settings.

2. Select Corporate Currency.

3. Select a Corporate Currency from the drop down.

4. Then select save to Save the Currency.

5. Once you have set up the Corporate Currency, Logout then Log Back in to see the changes.

Opportunities: Opportunities and Forecast Column is e displayed in Euro.

How-To setup the Corporate Currency type in your CRM.