Make Webforms auto-notify you upon new lead creation via Automation Designer

Setup email notification to alert web form owners, users or sales reps  when new lead is submitted through a web form.

Follow the Steps below to setup Web Form notification via Automation Designer

1. On home page ,click on Automation Designer under Marketing.

2. Click on +Add  to select  automation template.

3. Mouseover “Start from scratch” template then click on “Use this template

4. Type in a relevant name for your automated web form. This will help you to search and find the automated web form later on.

5. On the left hand side of the Automation Designer page there is a toolbar which contains various Triggers, decisions and actions, these are used to design the desired Marketing or Sales process in the automation designer canvas. Drag and drop Web Form on the automation designer Canvas.

6. Select the web form, from the dropdown list for which you want to set up notification.

7. To set up notification, drag and drop Notify on the automation designer canvas. connect it to set up after web form.

8. Click on the pencil icon on Notify to select  Sales Rep and Users from the dropdown list. You can select more one person to be notified. Click on save to finalize your selection.

9. Click on save to save all changes.

10. To post the webform on a website.  Edit web form on automation designer, then edit again to open web form page.

11.  On the webform page click on Generate. To generate a Web Form means to extract the HTML code for that Web Form. Then you can copy paste the generated code to your webpage. This will add the Web Form to your webpage.  Click on the link to see how to generate and add web forms on website.

12. Coming back to the Automation designer page click on Start to start the Webform Automation.