Simplified Task Management

Soffront CRM now allows easy management of tasks. We have added check boxes beside the tasks in order to easily make changes to a single task or multiple tasks. The screen will look like as follows:

If you select a single or multiple tasks then the floating menu options are:

  • Add Note  (available only for single tasks)
  • Complete  (available both for single and multiple tasks)
  • Reschedule  (available both for single and multiple tasks). Click on this icon to reschedule a task. A new pop-up will appear. Select the time and click Reschedule.

The options are:

a) Next Day – Reschedule to the next day.

b) Next Week – Reschedule to the next week.

c) Next Month – Reschedule to the next month.

d) Days – Reschedule after certain number of days.

e) Specific date – Reschedule to a specific date.

  • Delete  (available both for single and multiple tasks).

The Add Note option is a new option and available only when a single task option. It would open the add note dialogue. The note will be linked to the task and the parent record.

Click on All Tasks tab to see the list of all tasks.

All tasks

  • Task Name:  Name of the tasks.
  • Company: Name of the company.
  • Status: Status of the tasks.
  • Owner: Owner of the task.
  • Due By: Date within which the task needs to be completed.
  • Complete Date: Data on which the task is completed.

Similar to appointments, you can also add filters for tasks. Click the All Tasks drop down and add a filter. Some of the common filters are already available such as All Tasks, My Completed Tasks, etc. Refer to the image below:

Soffront CRM remembers the recent link you opened in Calendar/Task for the current login session. This means, that if you are on the “All Appointments” screen and by mistake it gets closed, when you click on Calendar/Tasks link from the home page by default the “All Appointments” screen will appear.