How to make phone calls, Auto Dialer from CRM

You can call a lead or contact directly from your Soffront CRM with just one click. This is convenient and time saving way of following up with your leads and contacts and there are also some related benefits as listed below:

  • Saves employees time by clicking instead of manually dialing.
  • Increases productivity by eliminating dialing errors.
  • Makes calling easy with functionality similar to mobile web browsing.
  • Calls can be recorded for review or posterity.

Note: This feature is only available to our customers in USA and Canada at this time and will be available to other regions soon.

Follow the steps below to setup your outbound phone number

The phone setup lets the admin enable outbound calls and add phone number that will show up as the caller ID for the calls.

  1. In the Settings column, click All Settings.
  2. In the Sales column, click Call Settings.
  3. Click the Enable button to enable/ disable outbound calls.
  4. Click on the first drop-down to select Country code. By default it will select the country code of the corporate account.
  5. Fill in the number in the text field, the field will format the number based on the country code.
  6. Add an extension number if there is one.

7. Click the Verify button. The CRM will show a popup notifying you that it will call you and verify the added number. Click, I am ready to take the call.

8. A call will go out to the phone number you listed. Answer it and provide the code displayed on the screen. Once you add the verification code, the status of the number will change to Verified as shown below.

Now you are ready to make calls from this number

Note: If the verification fails, a Failed verification message will show up. Check the numbers and click the Verify button again.

Note: To add another number, click on Add another number to make outbound calls from a different number.

9. You may save a recording of all calls using this system. Check Record all calls, to start recording all outgoing calls, the calls get automatically logged against the account or contact record.

How-to setup a Call Script

Call scripts help to reduce training time as the sales rep is provided with a pre-made guide on how to conduct a call. This method may increase sales rep confidence, increase success rates and reduce human error.

Follow the steps below to setup a call script

  1. Click on Settings under All Settings
  2. Click on Call Scripts under Sales

3. Click on +Add to add a call script

  • Add script Name
  • Click on the dropdown list and select call script workflow.
  • Add the script text in the textbox
  • Click the Save button.

Note: You can add several call scripts for different call conditions.

How-to purchase Phone credits?

Purchase phone credits to start using the Click to call feature.

  1. On the home page click on All Settings under Settings.
  2. Click on Purchase Phone Credits under Subscription.

Select the plan that suits your needs best.

How to make a call?

Once your outbound phone number is verified and enabled,  all the phone numbers and mobile numbers under Accounts and Contacts will be hyperlinked as shown in the image below.

  1. Click on the Phone number/ Mobile Number to make a call.
  2. Click on Show Call Script link, to read the script while on the call.


3. If you have more than one outgoing phone number added. Click on the drop-down list to select the number from which you want to place the call.

4. Click the Call button to make the call.

5. Click on Disconnect to end call.

6. Add notes on the textbox once the call ends, the note will be added under Accounts/Contacts notes. Click on Done to add notes.

7. Once the call is completed the recording will be added under the notes as a link it is added only if there’s a live conversation.The recording can be downloaded and played on any media player that supports mp3.

Note: The link to the recording will be added only if the option to record calls has been checked by the tenant admin. 

Note: You will be able to make calls only when the phone/mobile fields are hyperlinked. For that to happen make sure the phone Field tag is turned on in the correct database as shown below.

How-To VIDEO, Setup and use Click To Call functionality.