Stop and Resume Touch Campaigns

Touch Campaigns are information sent to your customers every day or at regularly scheduled intervals. Sometimes it is not easy to discern changes before starting the campaign. Stop and Resume button allows you to send out scheduled emails on time, with short duration interruptions.

You can Stop a running Touch campaign and make the following changes to the campaign:

  • You can edit Contact filter and Lead filter.
  • Change the target from group to filter and Vice-versa.
  • Change from one target group to another, or add new groups.
  • Change message content, add a new one and more.

Follow the steps below to Stop and Resume a Touch Campaign

  1. From Home screen click on Touch Campaign under Marketing
  2. On Touch Campaign Page,  click on Running to open a list of all running campaign.

3.  Open the campaign you want to stop then click on Stop to stop the campaign.

4. Click on Ok to confirm your intention to stop the Campaign

5. Make the changes you want to make then click on Save .

Note: If you click on Resume before saving your changes then your changes will not reflect on the campaign.

6. Once you have saved your campaign click on  Resume to resume your campaign on the scheduled time.

Note: You will find Stop buttons in Running touch campaigns and Resume button on Stopped touch campaigns only.