Manage Tasks and Appointment from Detail View

Manage your tasks and appointments better to  make sure you don’t miss a task or over schedule your calendar. You can see and manage all the Pending tasks and scheduled Appointments for a particular Account or Contact from their detail view.

For this article we will look at Accounts detailed view.

  1. On home page click on Accounts under Sales.
  2. Click on an account to open their detail view. All scheduled tasks and appointments will show up in the right hand column of the page as shown below.
    • Tasks are represented by 
    • Appointments are represented 

3. Click on the  beside the task or appointment to complete it.  Clicking on  will open a popup box where you can add a note before completing the task or appointment. Click on complete to finish task and add it to the Accounts notes.

4. Click once on   to postpone the task or appointment to next day or click twice to postpone it to next week.

5. Click on  to delete the task or appointment.

6. Click on  Add to Add a new task to the account.

7. Click on Add to add a new Appointment to the account.

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