Track Websites on your CRM

Track all your Website analytics right from your CRM .  You can add and track ten websites from the CRM. Soffront’ s Tracked Websites helps you to monitor number of visitors, time spent on the website, links clicked, searches made and more.

This is a powerful tool that helps you to capture user behavior in real time and improve the the online experience of your audience.

Setup Website Tracking

1. Click on All Settings under Setting.

2. On Setting page click on Tracked Websites.

3.  Click on Add to add a new website to track.

4. Add website name then click on Generate Tracking Code.

5.  Click on Copy to Clipboard to copy the code, Then go to your website and add it to the pages that you want to track just before the end body tag.

6. Click on Done once you have added to all the pages you want to track on a website.

Track Website Pages

1. On home page click on Website Tracking under Marketing

Soffront Website Tracking logs page views, downloads, and outbound links by default , so we use the term “actions” to encapsulate all of these.
On your dashboard you will see ‘visitors’ and ‘actions’ by default. For most sites, the vast majority of actions will be pageviews, typically 90% or more.
You can view the breakdown of all actions types on your dashboard, by clicking the ‘expand’ link as shown below.

Troubleshooting: If you are not seeing any tracking data on your dashboard. Open your website in a web browser. View the source code for the website and search for the word snapshot. If this word does not appear, the code has not been properly added to the website.