Update an existing record when data is submitted through Web Form

When an existing contact/account submits a Web Form , the information being submitted can vary from the information that is there in your CRM record. Follow the steps below to setup your Web Form to update information submitted by an existing contact/account

For example : If the company name of the contact/account is missing from the current CRM record , when the person submits the webform with there company information it will be updated in your existing CRM record. Or if they change address and submit the webform, the address information will be updated in the existing record.

Follow the steps below

Step 1

Generate the Web Form then click on select & copied to clipboard.

Step 2

Add the copied code to your website then add:

<input  id=”update” name=”update” type=”hidden” value=”1“> before the </form> tag as shown below.

Finally save all changes.