Update Account record to automatically update the main contact

Updating contact records separately can be tedious and time consuming.Use parent child field mapping to  update main contact record when its Account record is updated. Parent child field mapping will automatically pull data from the Account record when it is updated and fill in/ update the main child record so that you don’t have to type in common information all over again.

Follow the step below to set up Parent child field Mapping

  1. On home page click on All Settings under Settings.
  2. Click on Auto-Fill Values under Customization.

3. First select the Parent table ( Account) from the dropdown list then select the child table ( Contacts) from the drop down list and click on Go.

4. This page displays rows of fields which are already auto populated and two new fields with drop down list. The two new field with dropdown list helps you to select and add new rows of fields to the list.

5. Click on the first dropdown list to select the parent field then select the corresponding child field from the second dropdown list. Then click on Add to add it as a new row to the Auto-Fill value list.

6. To delete field mapping, mouseover on the right hand side of the field then click on the delete icon.

7. Once you are done click on Save button on top of the page to save all changes.

Now updating fields from Account record will automatically update fields in the main Contact record.