Use Your Domain With Landing Pages

When you publish a landing page, it will be published to by default.

If you have your own domain, we recommend that you create a subdomain and use it to publish the landing page. Example, if your domain is available at, you can create a subdomain called and have your landing page available at

Why should you use your own domain?

  • Better visitor experience – if your domain patches the branding on your landing page, it tells the visitor that they can trust the page and they are in the right place.
  • Compliance with advertisement services – if you intend to use the landing page in an advertisement, certain services (such as Google Adwords) require that the domain in the advertisement’s destination URL must match the landing page.

How to use your own domain?

  • Decide a name for your subdomain.
  • Sign into your domain hosting services (the organization you purchased your domain from). You can also contact your domain hosting provider’s support team.
  • Go to the DNS management page.
  • Add a CNAME  record for your subdomain.
    • In the Name field, enter the name of the subdomain. Example, if you’d like the landing  pages to be available at, enter “signup” in the name field.
    • In the Value field, enter
    • Leave everything else as default.

You can use the subdomain for all of your Soffront landing pages.

  • Sign into Soffront and edit your landing page.
  • Go to Options > Website settings.
  • Enter the subdomain in the Custom domain field.
  • Save and publish the page.

Note: Landing pages using your own subdomain will only work with “http” and not “https”.