What are Look-up fields

Look-up fields are fields that you can add to your Quick- add dialog box. This field allows you to search for specific records and link them to the record you are creating.

For example: For Contacts , company field is a look-up field. You can search and link a Company record to the contact.

How to add a Look-up field to a Quick- add dialog box?

  • From Home page go to Database.
  • Select the table for which you want to add Look-up field. For example lets select Contacts.
  • On contacts table detail you can see Company field is a look-up field.

  • Add company field to your Quick-add dialog-box.

The Look-up field will be added to the Quick-add dialog box.

How does a Look-up field work?

Go to contacts from home page then click on the + sign to open Add Contacts dialog box.

  • You can search for a Company in the look up field. If you don’t remember the full name type in a few letters it will auto complete your search and show you up to four results in the drop-down list. If you dont find the company you are looking for click on the search icon to see more results.

  • If you want to look at all available company records, click on the search icon without putting any value in the company field.
    • You can search for a specific company from the search box.
    • Or, you can also look for all company field by putting in * in the search field.

  •  Once you find the company field you are looking for, check the Company then click on select.

  • The record will be linked to your quick-add dialog box.

  • Click on add to create the record.