How Small Businesses can Use a CRM for Marketing, Sales & Service

This guide provides instructional details for numerous features within the Soffront Online CRM suite.

Soffront is a unique CRM solution, which helps to streamline a wide variety of business functions. The features in the CRM are enabled based on the Subscription plan.

Some of the Soffront CRM modules are:

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Service
  • Settings


Soffront Marketing features helps you to capture Accounts and convert them to Customers. You can accurately target audiences and deliver personalized and relevant messages that your audience will find valuable. Our marketing report reflects the results of your Broadcast and Touch Campaigns and helps you to evaluate the performance of your Marketing Campaigns. Read more…


Soffront  Sales features include Sales Template, Calendar/Task, Accounts, Opportunities and Reports. These features help you to automate, monitor and optimize your sales process  resulting in increased sales revenue. Read more…


Services consists of CRM Functions to help your customer support teams  efficiently resolve Queries, Requests and Issues from your customers. The reporting features lets you easily monitor the performance of your customer support process and increase customer satisfaction. Read more…


Soffront CRM can be customized to your specific business needs. As a CRM Administrator you can find all configuration options under Settings on home page. The CRM Administrator can configure the Processes, Features and Permissions on the CRM  for their users. Read more…