Touch Campaigns

Touch Campaigns are information sent to your customers every day or at regularly scheduled intervals. These Campaigns can be sent to groups and you can also filter further to certain people within that group. Within Touch Campaigns you can view reports and their individual history. You can see information such as how many emails were sent, how many bounced, how many were opened, how many were unsubscribed, etc.

Touch Campaign Home page

Here you can view your saved Touch Campaigns by Status. You can view All, New, , Stopped and Running Touch Campaigns.By default All Touch campaigns are displayed.

  • Click on to Add a new Touch Campaign.
  • Click on  to Refresh the list of Campaign
  • Click on  to Customize columns you want to view on your page.

Following Columns of information are displayed for each item on the list.

Columns Description
Campaign Name Name of the Touch Campaign
Status New, Stopped and Running
Owner User who created the campaign
Target User groups, Lead/Customer or Contacts
From email Email address from which the touch campaign was send
Created on The date when the campaign was created
Created By User who created the campaign
Updated By User who last updated the campaign
Updated on When was the campaign last Updated
From Name Who sent out the campaign

You can click on the setup icon to add more columns  or remove columns from the Touch campaign list view page. Select  and add the fields you want to view in the Touch campaign list view page then click on save.

Each Touch campaign has the following option in their Actions shortcut menu.

Select a touch campaign to see the actions menu.

  • Click on  to Copy and create a similar Touch Campaign.
  • Click on  to Edit a Touch Campaign.
  • Click on  to Delete a Touch Campaign.  Multiple Touch Campaigns can be deleted at a time.
  • Click on to convert to Excel. Select the Touch Campaigns you want to convert to Excel then click on the Excel icon.
  • Click on  to Print the selected Touch Campaigns.

Now you will be able to change the intervals between messages for a live touch campaign. You will need to stop the campaign, change the intervals, and continue the campaign.


Create a New Touch Campaign 

Create Contact filter/ Lead Filter in Touch Campaign

Apply Rules in Touch Campaign