Apply Rules to Touch Campaign

Soffront CRM now allows you to apply rules to touch campaigns. Rules can be created and applied for individual messages of a touch campaign.

Applying Rules to a Touch Campaign message will allow you to do the following :

  • Get notifications of user activity on the Touch Campaign
  • Change user groups
  • Add important Notes to the Touch Campaign
  • Add tasks to the Touch Campaign
  • Update any specific field

Touch Campaign Rules page

Note: You can set rules for each message if there are multiple messages.

  1. From Home page click on Touch Campaigns under Marketing.
  2. Click on the name of the Touch Campaign you want to apply the Rules.
  3. Edit Touch Campaign page opens.
  4. Click on Rules button.
  5. The rules page opens as shown below

  • Title: Title is already populated according to forms name you have given earlier.
  • Status: Select Active if the form is in use or else Inactive.
  • Description: Type in a short description. For Example : It can be one sentence stating the purpose of the form.
  • If : Indicates an action which triggers the rule. Such as:  Rule will apply if a link ins clicked from the Touch Campaign is submitted. The options are:
    • Link Clicked: When a link is clicked  which is present within the campaign. Links can be videos, images, url, etc.
    • Opened: When the campaign is opened.
    • Unsubscribed: When the user unsubscribes from the campaign.
    • Last message served: When the last message is served.
  • Then: Indicates an options which will be executed when If  condition applies to the Touch Campaign.

1. Notify: This will send out notification emails when a Touch Campaign link is clicked online.

Notify Option on rules page

  • Campaign Sender: Select Campaign Sender if you want to notify the assigned campaign sender.
  • Sales Rep : Select Sales Rep if you want to notify your assigned Sales Rep.
  • Users: Select users from the drop-down list. You can select more then one user to be notified.
  • Or you can select both options.

2.   Change group: Change Group allows you to change the group of a Touch Campaign when the rule is applied.

Change group Option on Rules page

  • Add to Group:  You can add the leads collected from the Touch Campaign to another group.  Click on the Add to Group radio button and select the group you want to add from the drop-down list.
  • Move to group: You can Move the Leads collected from the Touch Campaign from the existing group to a new group. Click on the Change Group radio button then select the group you want to move to from the drop-down list.
  • Remove Group: Select to remove the group.

3.  Add a Note:Add a short note to the leads collected from the Touch Campaign.

Add a Note Option on rules page

  • Check Add a Note check box.
  • Select a Note Type from the drop-down list.
  • Then type in a short note. It can be a comment about the lead or an alternate email or phone number.

4.  Add Task: You can add a Task to be completed when the rule is applied.

Add Task Option on rules page

  • Task name:  Assign a name to the task which best describes it.
  • Owner:  Select a Sales Rep name from the drop-down, who will be responsible for completing the task.
  • Due by:  Add the number of days for the deadline.
  • Days after:  Select from drop-down the criteria for start date of the task. For example: Days after Touch campaign is Submitted.
  • Reminder: Select the mode of reminder, email or popup. This will send out an reminder to the owner to complete the task on time.

5.   Update: Select the table you want to get updated automatically when the rule is applied. The options are Accounts and Contacts.

Broadcast Rule Update

Update field

  • Click on the link to add a field which you want to update.
  • Select the name of the field you want to update from the drop down and enter the value of the field in the text box beside. In this example, we have selected the field as Address1 and entered the value as California.
  • Click Save to save the update.