Marketing Templates

Soffront Marketing Templates allows you to Create professionally designed Email Marketing Templates to attract the attention of your Accounts and Contacts.

You can send them attractive, relevant and targeted messages, which would have a higher likelihood of being read. You can build relations with your prospects and clients with minimal effort by automatically sending beautiful Birthday cards, Greeting cards, Newsletters and Auto Responses. Marketing templates are also useful when you are communicating with a group of Contacts or an individual Contact. We have pre formatted templates for your convenience. You can use them to create Touch and Broadcast Campaign.

Marketing Template

To go to Marketing Template, click on Marketing Templates under Marketing. Here you can view your saved templates by Category. By default all templates are displayed. You can view the list by Category or Owner from the left-hand drop-down list.

Email Templates 

The following columns of information are displayed for each item on the list.

Columns Description
Name Name of the template
Category Different forms of communication: Auto Response, Newsletters, Sales Template, and Greetings.
Owner Person who created the Template
Created On Date of creation

The following options are present for each Marketing Template in the Actions shortcut  menu

Check an email template to open Actions shortcut menu.

  1. Click on   to Edit Marketing Template.
  2. Click on  to Copy Marketing Template. You can copy and use a Marketing Template if you want to create a similar Marketing Template faster, without making many changes.
  3. Click on  to Delete Marketing Template. When you select more the one Template only delete menu shows up. You can delete multiple Marketing Templates at a time.

Note: We have about 50 ActionCOACH templates with new templates being added every month.

Create New Marketing Template

Edit Marketing template

Copy Marketing Template

Delete Marketing Template