Web Forms

Soffront Web Forms helps you to build, customized online forms and publish them on your website.  Web Forms capture specific information that is entered online by prospective Accounts. This information is then used to create Accounts.

To access Web Forms click on Web Forms under Marketing

Marketing Web Forms

Web Forms

The following columns of information are displayed for each item on the list.

Columns Description
Name Name of the Form
Table Name Name of the table it is associated with
Group Accounts created through this Web Form will be added to the selected group
Source Where the Web Form was posted and accounts were collected
Status Whether the web form is in use or not
Assign to User who is assigned the created lead records through this form

The Following options are available for each Web Form in the Actions shortcut menu

Select a Web Form to open Action shortcut menu.

  • Click on  to Generate the code to publish it in a website.
  • Click on  to Preview the Web Form before publishing it.
  • Click on  to Delete Web Form

Note: Our Web Form is protected by Honeypot. It filters spams and malwares and keeps your information protected. 

To use the new honeypot feature, you will need to re-generate your existing web forms one more time and use the newly generated HTML code on your website. All new Web Forms will have Honeypot activated automatically. 

Create New Web Form for Accounts

Generate Web Forms

Apply Rules to a Web Form

Create New Web Form for Cases

Capture Web Leads

To create your own Web Form start your free trial at https://soffront.com