Soffront CRM Calendar/Task allows you to keep track of all your appointments, tasks, meetings and calls. You can also integrate your Soffront  calendar with Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar.

To access Soffront Calendar, click on Calendar/Tasks under Sales from home screen.

Sales Calendar

Soffront Calendar opens up. You will find the following features on the Calendar page.

Calendar/Task Page

  1. You can display your appointments according to Day, Week, Month and Agenda by clicking on the tabs located on the top right hand corner. By default week will be displayed.

  1. You can look for previous appointments and upcoming appointments using the scroll buttons located on the top left  . Click on Today button to see today’s appointments.
  1. You can see whose calendar is synced with yours from the User Calendar Dropdown list.
  2. Select the status of the appointment from the Show drop down to display the status of the appointment. Refer to the image below:

5. Click All Appointments button to check all appointments in the CRM. The following page appears:

All Appointments

Click on the Status drop down to select the status of the appointment. Based on the status selected the list of appointments will appear. Refer to the image below:

Soffront Online also allows you to add filters by query to search the appointments. Click the All Appointments drop down and add a filter. Some of the common filters are already available such as All Appointments, My Appointments, etc. Refer to the image below:

Add Filters 

Click  (complete) icon to mark the appointment as complete. This icon will only appear when only one appointment is selected. In case of multiple selection this icon will not appear.

Click on Pending task Tab to see all pending tasks. This will display all pending task: Overdue, Today’s and Upcoming.

Pending tasks

  • Overdue:  All pending task whose due date has passed.
  • Today: All Pending task for today.
  • Upcoming: List of all upcoming tasks.

Click on All Tasks tab to see the list of all tasks.

All tasks

  • Task Name:  Name of the tasks.
  • Company: Name of the company.
  • Status: Status of the tasks.
  • Owner: Owner of the task.
  • Due By: Date within which the task needs to be completed.
  • Complete Date: Data on which the task is completed.

Similar to appointments, you can also add filters for tasks. Click the All Tasks drop down and add a filter. Some of the common filters are already available such as All Tasks, My Completed Tasks, etc. Refer to the image below:

Soffront CRM remembers the recent link you opened in Calendar/Task for the current login session. This means, that if you are on the “All Appointments” screen and by mistake it gets closed, when you click on Calendar/Tasks link from the home page by default the “All Appointments” screen will appear.

Create New Appointment

Edit Appointment

Create New Task

Edit Task