An invoice is a bill issued by the vendor to the customer along with the goods or services shipment. In Soffront CRM you can create invoices directly from Leads/Customer. Invoice plays a vital role, which is important for both Sales and Accounting purposes. It contains the invoice number, Invoice amount, Date, Sales type, SQ package, detailed Leads/Customers information. Invoicing completes the sales process and begins the accounting process

Click on Invoice under Sales to open invoice page.

Invoice page

Here you can see All Invoice records according to Status such as Active and Inactive. by default all are selected. You can click on the All Records drop-down list to add filters.

  • Click on to Add new Invoice
  • Click on  to refresh list
  • Click on to setup column view according to your preferences.

Each Invoice record has the following option in their float menu.

  • Click on  to add Task.
  • Click on to Convert the status of the invoice
  • Click on  to add Workflow.
  • Click on  to Edit  Opportunities
  • Click on  to Delete records.
  • Click on  to convert to Excell the checked records.
  • Click on  to Print the checked records.

Invoice Detail View

Click on Invoice from home page to open Invoice record view page. Then select a record and click on the Invoice amount or the field you have chosen to sort by. Detail View for the particular invoice is displayed as shown below.

Invoice detail view page.

1.  The blue bar at the top shows the actions you can perform to this record.

2.  This bar shows your workflow and your current workflow stage. The stages shown in white are stages you are yet to reach. You can click on a stage to convert the record.

3.  The left hand column displays all Opportunity information.

      • Click on View All to see detailed Invoice information in printable format.
      • Click on Customize to add upto 20 fields to the view.

4.  The middle section contains Invoice details such as Company, Status, Name , Lastname, Phone Email, Source, etc.

      • Click on the  icon to setup child objects

      • Select the child object from the dropdown list to add to the   box which will be displayed in the Invoice detail view.

5.  The right hand column displays all pending task.

      • Click on  once a task is completed.
      • You can also Add new task by clicking on the  icon.