An Account is a person, business or organization that is potentially interested in the products or services your business offers. They are the raw details gathered about individuals or representatives of organizations or organizations collected from seminars, advertisements, road shows, trade shows and other marketing campaigns. Identification of a sales account is called Account Generation which is the first stage of a sales process. Once the acccounts are collected they go through follow-up Workflow process by Sales Reps and when qualified, you can convert them and create opportunity it is essential to focus your sales efforts towards turning opportunities into Customers

Click on Accounts to open Accounts page.

Sales Accounts

Accounts List View

Accounts page

Here you can see your Accounts according to Status such as Leads, Customers, prospects etc. by default All are selected. You can click on the All drop-down list to set filters and groups.

  • Click on  to Add new Accounts.
  • Click on  to Refresh list.
  • Click on to Customize column view according to your preferences.

Each Accounts has the following option in their Actions shortcut menu.

  • Click on  to Add Notes.
  • Click on  to add Task.
  • Click on  to add an Appointment.
  • Click on  to Convert accounts to different status.
  • Click on  to create Opportunities.
  • Click on  to Add to group.
  • Click on  to switch or to apply Workflow.
  • Click on  to Assign to a Sales Rep.
  • Click on  to Edit  Accounts.
  • Click on  to Delete records.
  • Click on  to Map the location on Google Maps.
  • Click on  to convert to Excel the selected records.
  • Click on  to Print the selected records.

Accounts Detail View

Click on Accounts to open the view of Accounts. Then select a record and click on the company name. Detail View for the particular Accounts is displayed as shown below.

Account detail view page.

  1. The left hand column displays all customer information.
      • Click on View All to see all customer information in printable format.
      • Click on Customize to display customer information according to your preferences.

2.  The top bar displays the workflow for the Account.

3. The middle section contains Accounts details such as Notes, Appointments, Opportunities, Contacts, cases attachments, groups etc.

  • Click on the  icon to customize child objects such as Notes, Appointments, Opportunities, Contacts, Cases Attachments, Groups etc.

Accounts Child

  • Select the child object from the drop-down list to add to the  box which will be displayed in the contacts detail view.
  1. The right hand column displays all pending task.
  • Click on  once a task is completed.
  • You can also Add new task by clicking on the  icon.

Add Accounts

Add Customer Fields in Accounts form

Share Multiple Accounts