Sales Report

Sales Report analyzes data in the form of pre-built reports depicting every step of the sales process. Some example are Activity Report, Conversion Report, Pipeline Reports, and Forecast Reports. These reports helps you to analyze  and monitor the performance for your sales process.

To access Sales Reports, click the Reports link from the home page’s Sales section.

Sales Reports

Access the different Sales Reports using the links in the blue bar.

Activity Report

Activity Report is the summary of activities performed by each salesperson over a given period. It includes information such as Number of emails sent to customers,Tasks and activities completed and  Number of times spoken to a customer or noted a comment. All this information is gathered from the Sales Rep’s Account and Contacts notes. Read More…

Conversion Report

The Conversion report allows you to see how many of your Accounts were converted from one Workflow stage to the other. For example you can see how many opportunities were converted to accounts or how many records are in each workflow stage.

Conversion Report helps you to analyze the effectiveness of your sales process or workflow. Read More…

Client Wise Report

Soffront Online allows you to view reports specific to your requirements. Currently these reports can only be configured by Soffront. Users will not be able to configure the reports. Read More…

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