Sales Templates

Soffront CRM Sales Templates let you Standardize your Sales Communication making it more efficient and reduces need for training your sales team. This also remove the effort of composing emails hence saves a lot of time. These templates helps to you make your day to day communication easy and effective.

These are less decorative than marketing templates, easier to create and format giving its readers a feeling of more direct personalized communication

Sales Templates

Click on Sales Template under Sales to open Sales Templates page.

Here you can view your saved Templates by Category. By default all Templates are displayed. You can view the list by Category or by Owner from the left hand drop-down list.

Sales Templates

The following columns of information are displayed for each item on the list.

Columns Description
Name Name of the Template
Category Different forms of Tempalates. Eg : Sales Template
Subject Subject of the Template
Owner Person who created the Template
Created On Date of creation

The Following options are present for each Sales template, in Actions shortcut menu . 

Select a Sales Template to open Actions shortcut menu on the right.

  1. Click on  to Edit Sales Template.
  2. Click on to Copy Sales Template. You can copy and use a Sales Template if you want to create a similar Sales Template faster, without making many changes.
  3. Click on  to Delete Sales Template. You can delete multiple Sales Templates at a time.

 Create New Sales Template