Issues allows you to Create and track Issues (defects, features, etc) from your Online CRM.

From home page Click on Issues under Services.

Add a new Issue

  1. Click on  to create new Issues.

  1. Add Issue dialog box
  • Status: Select the status of the issue as: Open, In Development, In QA or Closed. for a new issue select Open.
  • Assign To: Select the User you want to appoint this Issue to.
  • Synopsis: Write a short sentence describing the issue.
  • Type: Select whether your issue is a Bug , Document or Feature
  • Select the Notify Assign To checkbox which will send a notification email to the assigned user.

You can also add more fields to the Add Issue Dialog box.

Click On Expand to add more information to the issue.

  1. Fill in the fields in Create Issues page.

Issue Details

  • Status: The status has already been selected.
  • Assign To:  The Issue has already been assigned to the User.
  • Synopsis: One line description of the Issue.
  • Type: Select the kind of Issues from the dropdown: Bug, Document or Feature.
  • Priority: Priority of the issue defines how urgently it needs to be taken care of. You can choose from the following options: Critical, High, Low, Medium or Severe
  • Description: Provide details of the Issue.

Additional Information is already populated.

  1. Click on Save

Issue Detail View

Once you save the Issue, Issues Detail view page opens up.

  • Here you can see detail information of the Issue.
  • Current stage of the workflow.
  • You can add History (notes), Projects, Appointments and Attachment to the issue.
  • You can perform the following actions for the Issue: Refresh, Edit, Delete, Copy, Workflow and Print.
  • You can add Task to the Issues.

 Issue List View

The following Actions can be performed from the list view as well

you can also merge two issue records from the Actions menu.