Projects help you to keep an eye on all ongoing Projects. You will get an overview of the type of  projects, what stage they are in, people responsible for them, due date of the project and more. Here you can create and track projects with ease.

  1. Click on  to create a new Project.

    1. Add Projects dialog box

    • Select the Status of your project as: New, In Progress or Done.
    • Select the user you want to assign the project to.
    • Project Name: TYpe in a name for your project.
    • Type : Select the type of project from the drop-down list ( Change,Development, Documentation, etc)
    • Select the Notify Assign To check-box which will send a notification email to the assigned user.
    1. Click on Expand to fill in the fields in Create Project page.

Project Details

  • Project Names : Name your project.
  • Status: The status has already been selected earlier.
  • Assign To:  The project has already been assigned to a user.
  • Type: Select the kind of project from the dropdown: Change, Development, Documentation, Professional service and Quality Assurance.
  • Details: Provide details of the project

Additional Information is already populated.

  1. Click on Save

Once you save the Project, Project Detail view page opens up.

  • Here you can see detail information of the project
  • Current Stage of the workflow.
  • You can add Notes, Appointments, Issues and Attachment to your project.
  • You can perform the following actions for the project : Refresh, Edit, Delete, Copy, Workflow and Print.
  • You can add Task to your project.

Note: You can customize Project’s Form from the Database link. You can also configure workflows for projects from the Workflows link and  add more than one workflow to the Project.