Solutions for resolved cases are available in the Solutions Section of the CRM. This enables your support team to use the CRM as a knowledge base and search  for probable solutions and reference them in order to quickly solve a specific issues. This saves a lot of troubleshooting time and speeds up issues resolution which leads to higher customer satisfaction.

Click on Solution under Service to open Solutions list view page.

Solutions list view page

  • Click on  to Add new Solutions.
  • Click on  to Refresh solutions list.
  • Click on to Customize column view according to your preferences.

Each Solutions has the following option in their Actions shortcut menu.

  • Click on  to Edit  Leads/Customers.
  • Click on  to Delete records.
  • Click on  to convert to Excel the selected records.
  • Click on  to Print the selected records.

Solutions Detailed view

Solutions Detail view page

This page displays all details related to the Solution.

  1. Click on the  customize icon to add or remove tabs like Cases.
  2. The icons in blue shows all the actions you can perform to this record.
  3. Solution Details contains the Description of the issue or request and the solution for it.
  4. Additional Information: Contains other relevant information’s such as Created by, updated on, etc.
  5. Cases contain detail description of the issue, Customer information, severity of the issue and the assigned Sales Rep.

Convert Cases to Solutions