Security levels

Security levels describes the distribution and management of user privileges and user group privileges. You will learn how to customize privilege sets to accommodate the varied needs of different users. You will also learn how to create user groups and assign privilages to group level

For example: Admin will have access to all settings and configurations in your Soffront Online. Whereas Sales, Marketing or users with other security levels will have access to modules and applications which they have permission for.

Click on Security Levels. You will see six (6) Security Levels:

  1. Admin
  2. Import/Export
  3. Manager
  4. Marketing
  5. Sales
  6. Support

Security Levels

Each Security Level is divided into two sections:

  1.  Access
  2. Permissions
    • Operations
    • ¬†Administration

It is important that you review the capabilities of each level and the rights in those levels. Your business model will determine who will get what Security Level and what rights within that Security Level.

Defining access within a Security level