A database is a repository that stores and organizes information. Soffront databases are made up of multiple tables each which contains different fields to store relevant information.  The database is organized in such a way that the CRM can easily find the information you are looking for.

In Soffront Online, Database option is under Settings. On the database page the following columns are displayed

Soffront CRM Database page

  • Tables:  displays all the Tables in Soffront Online database. Users will be able to add custom fields to existing tables by clicking on them.
  • Add to Module: displays module names to which the table is added to. The table shows up under the module on home screen.
  • Link With: displays all the objects the table is linked with. Such as Notes, tasks, appointments, etc.

Users will be able to setup the relations between different tables right from the Database page.

How to add more fields to your Database Forms

How to add Custom fields to your Database forms