Anybody who has an account and uses Soffront Online CRM is a User. For example: Manager, Marketing, Sales rep, Support engineers. Each Account has privileges associated with it that determines the information the user can access and the functions the user can perform.

  Add a new User

To add a new user, please follow the steps below:

1. Go to Soffront Online Home page.

2. Click on Users under Settings.

3. To add a new user click on the “Plus” + icon from User Manager Page.

4. New User form opens.

New User form

  • Name: First name of the user.
  • Email: Email Address (this will be used as the user name).
  • Telephone: Telephone Number.
  • Password: Sign in password to the account.
  • Security level: You will find 6 security levels. Each of these levels defines your access and rights to use. soffront Online. And click on the checkbox if the user is a manager.
  • Manager Name: Select your manager’s name from the list.
  • Time Zone: Select your time zone.
  • Date Format: Select the date format you will be using.
  • Theme: Personalize your CRM by selecting your favorite theme from the drop-down.

5. Click on Save to add a new user.

 Edit user information

To edit user information follow the steps below:

1. Click on specific User Name.

2. Personal Information page opens. All the fields are already populated.

3. Edit the information you want to change then click on Save or click on Cancel to exit window without making any changes.

4. The following message will be displayed when the information is saved.

  Delete User

To delete user, check the checkbox beside the User name you want to delete.  On the float menu two options shows up Password and Delete. Click on   to delete User from your list.

Managing Financial Side of User Account